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carta convite harvard

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Boylston Hall                                                                                           http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~rll                
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138                                                                        Tel. (617) 495-2546; Fax. (617) 496-4682

January 17th 2014

Dear Mr. Ricardo de Carvalho Duarte [Chacal]:

It is an honor and a true pleasure to officially invite a poet of your caliber to visit Harvard University from April 5th to April 19th, 2014. The main purpose of your stay among us is to participate in the12th Brazil Week at Harvard (program attached). This annual event, organized by the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and sponsored by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, has a different theme each year. In the past editions we had themes like “Brazilian Music” and “Women’s Movements in Brazil and the USA”. This year, Brazil Week will be dedicated to the Arts and the plural ways artistic expressions capture the Zeitgeist and portray society. We will focus on the 70s and more specifically on poetry and performance. We came up with a highly descriptive working title: Poetry and Performance in the70s and beyond. As you are one of the main icons of that turbulent and fertile decade, we are delighted to extend this invitation to you.

During your stay, you will have the chance of meeting with faculty members, deans, teaching assistants, and students in different settings. We would like also to invite you to visit one of our Brazilian Culture and Literature classes and/or a language class at the graduate or undergraduate level.

 Please, let me know if you need any additional information.


Description: Clemence-Sign

Dr. Clémence Jouët-Pastré
Sr Preceptor, Course Head, Undergraduate Adviser in Portuguese
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, RLL
email: cpastre@fas.harvard.edu

Tentative Schedule
***please do not circulate***
12th Brazil Week at Harvard

April 7th
Welcome – . Clémence Jouët-Pastre’ and  Nicolau Sevcenko
Round Table: “A Cultura `A Margem”
Speakers: Chacal. (Ricardo de Carvalho Duarte); Guilherme Ribeiro; Nicolau Sevcenko
Moderator: Luca Prazeres

April 8th
“Falapalavra: oficina de poesia”
Chacal (Ricardo de Carvalho Duarte).
Luca Prazeres

April 9th
Introduction Clémence Jouët-Pastré
Movie: TBA
Comments: Guilherme Ribeiro

April 10th
“Uma história à margem: Peça/Performance Prática”
Chacal (Ricardo de Carvalho Duarte).

April 11th
Final Remarks
Nicolau Sevcenko

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